Search Marketing Summit 2011- Akshaya Patra Foundation [starttext]

Search Marketing Summit 2011 Conducted by Akshaya Patra Foundation

Search marketing Summit was organized to raised friend and fund for Akshaya Patra Foundation. More than 350 SEO's, Internet marketing professional attended this international search summit in Bangalore. This was the First International Search marketing Summit in Bangalore with Globally acclaimed speakers from all around the world participated and urged the audience to support Akshaya Patra initiatives. Gillian Muessig, Eric Weaver, Ian McAnerin, John Barron, Erica Jones, Suresh Babu, Mani Karthik, Kiruba Shankar, Ashwin Ramesh, Suhas Gopinath was the first ever visit to India and were overwhelmed with the cause and work of Akshaya Patra. They also appreciated that a nonprofit organization had initiated this search summit and had a vision to reach more supporter online through such events. To support Akshaya Patra Donate online: